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Helping America's Hungry Through Building Better Bodies

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" We Take Care of Two Needs With One Deed"

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First, we'd like to thank you for the time you're taking to hear about our company, Train1Feed1.

Our belief is that we can actually CHANGE THE WORLD one healthy action at a time. Since we live in America the world’s most diverse country, it starts here. It starts with us and the community we are a part of. We at Train1Feed1 feel very strongly about improving the well being of our community and the lives in it. We impact the lives of the fortunate and less fortunate each and every day. It's more than a community outreach. It's a movement that we are so passionate about we're willing to sacrifice our money, time and energy for it. We're talking about a switch in the collective consciousness of our community and throughout communities across the globe. Our aim right now is to inspire you to join us in the movement that's going to elevate the lives of billions of people. That's right, we're collectively going to elevate our human race one healthy action at a time. Healthy actions create healthy out comes, healthy habits create healthy humans.

Train1Feed1 takes care of two needs with one deed. Our mission is to help America's hungry through building better bodies. Every trainer improves the life of their client and every client enjoys the benefits of the service. Imagine taking all of that and finding a way to SIMULTANEOUSLY help the community by feeding the homeless. How do you do that? You create a system where a percentage of the money spent on a client's personal training goes to feeding the homeless - train one feed one. The trainer and his clients are key part here and the message is load and clear, "Our personal trainers are changing the world, because not only do they help people improve the quality of their lives, they give back to the community through feeding the homeless." This noble deed is the core of our mission to positively impact the life of the world around us.

Train 1 Feed 1 Logo


We help America's hungry through building better bodies. 

" We Take Care of Two Needs With One Deed"

Join the Movement.

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The Birth of Train 1 Feed 1

Train 1 Feed 1 was started one bright beautiful sunny day after a conversation with Dinating owner Sheera Goren. Sheera explained the concept behind her amazing nonprofit called Dinating and I was immediately struck with this sense of purpose and I shouted out "I need to do something like this!!!" She asked what I would do and I hollered, "I would TRAIN 1 FEED 1". Two months later we held an event and raised enough money within that hour to feed 19 families of four or produce 228 meals. The rest is history.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(424) 331-6056

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